New Site!


Welcome to my new site! I wanted it to be a blog, so it is. All updates, new tunes, gigs, videos, photos and whatever else you can think of will just show up as a post. Helps me keep organised, which if you saw the cables and pants on my floor, then you’d appreciate the significance. I feel organised. This is a much better way for me to share what I’m doing with you, otherwise it’s just me in my bedroom singing to no-one. Gigs section to come soon… when I decide to stop being a recluse and finish my album.

Also, please ‘like’ my Facebook music page, follow on Twitter, and become a friend on Myspace, I need friends, I’m a loner.

I am in the middle of making my first album, and thus I have decided to give away my Strawberry Blonde EP entirely for free on here to kick start the website and get people thirsty for some album action. Visit the Free Downloads page if you haven’t already got the EP, to download any of the songs for free! There is also a little blog entry attached, with behind the scenes info about the making of the EP.

More info on the progress of the album to come soon!

Thanks for visiting.


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