Change Of Tune Video

I borrowed a Ukulele from a friend who lives up the road in Tooting (I should really give it back now, but I like this first attempt at writing a song on the Uke so much, that I want to record it properly and put it on the album (Huge props to Mark Thomas for letting me borrow it!). I’ve started incorporating Uke into my other songs now too as an extra layer/colour to my tracks. I dig the sound of it along side what I already do, it nicely adds a little Hawaiian sunshine.

I thought about putting up a demo of this new song ‘Change Of Tune’ on myspace, but decided it would be good to make a little video of it instead… This is 5 or so months ago, and I didn’t really tell anyone about it until now, it was a weird time for me… I’m back now, and I think this song encompasses that in a way.

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